Journalism Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2016 Journalism Hall of Fame inductees were announced April 22, 2016, during the Friday night awards banquet, part of the Nebraska Press Association’s 142nd Annual Convention in Kearney, NE.

The Hall of Fame was started in 1973 by Jack Lowe, retired long-time editor and co-publisher of the Sidney Telegraph. The Hall of Fame honors persons who have distinguished themselves in print journalism. It was one of the projects of the Jack Lowe Community Journalism Fund at the University of Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Since the Hall of Fame started, we have inducted 100 journalists.

The 2016 Hall of Fame inductees are:

Sharron Hollen, North Platte – Sharron worked at the North Platte Telegraph for 48 years as a reporter. She wrote here “Reporter at Large” column by traveling to 17 countries and writing about people, places and things. She started at the Telegraph right out of high school, in 1962, and continued as a reporter until her retirement in 2011.

G. Woodson “Woody” Howe, Omaha – Woody Howe’s career at the Omaha World-Herald spanned 36 years, serving 24 years as a member of the company’s board of directors. He joined the OWH as a reporter in 1962, and went on to serve as city editor, editor and senior VP for news. Woody led a legal effort in Nebarska that resulted in a landmark First Amendment case, Nebraska Press Association vs. Hugh Stuart.

Matt Waite, Lincoln – A UNL College of Journalism & Mass Communications graduate, Matt Waite is a professor of practice at the UNL College of Journalism & Mass Communications, and started the first drone journalism program in 2011. The Drone Journalism Lab, under his direction, has been at the forefront of the changing regulations for drones in the U.S. Prior to joining the faculty, he was the senior news technologist for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, and the principal developer of the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact.

J.P. O’Furey (posthumously), Hartington – Following a nearly 20-year newspaper career as a reporter and circulation manager at several Ohio newspapers, J.P. O’Furey started his Nebraska newspaper career in 1915, when he purchased the struggling Cedar Co. News in Hartington, NE, and quickly built it into a profitable and prestigious newspaper. In 1932, he was elected to the Nebraska State Senate, representing the 10th District. O’Furley died of a heart attack in 1937 at the age of 61.

The Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremonies will be held Friday evening, Oct. 21, 2016 at the Nebraska Club in downtown Lincoln. The annual event is sponsored by the Nebraska Press Association and the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications.


2015 Lyle Denniston
2015 Richard “Dick” Fleming
2015 Butch Furse

2014 Clarence Hebda
2014 Ted Heuttmann (posthumously)
2014 Kathleen Rutledge

2013 William C. Nuckolls
2013 Dewaine Gahan (posthumously)
2012 Kent Warneke
2012 Jim Seacrest
2012 Dick Lindberg
2011 Leslie Dale Falter
2011 Charlyne Berens
2010 Alton “Mook” Wilhelms
2010 Dean Terrill

2009 Fred Rose
2009 Will Norton, Jr.
2009 Gene Morris
2009 Shirley Bogue
2009 Norris Alfred
2008 Alan Cunningham McIntosh
2008 J. Alan Cramer
2008 Zean E. Carney
2007 Elia Wilkinson Peattie
2007 Frank L. Partsch
2007 George Miller
2007 Mildred Brown
2006 Lee Warneke
2006 Bud Pagel
2006 Burt James
2006 Viola Drath
2006 Bob Bogue
2005 Gilbert Savery
2005 Kenneth Rhoades
2005 Robert Pinkerton
2005 Keith Blackledge
2004 Carroll, “Cal” Stewart
2004 Jerry Huse
2004 Ronald R. Furse
2004 John F. Edgecombe, Sr.
2003 Henry Trysla
2003 Reed O’Hanlon Jr.
2003 Sterling H. McCaw
2003 Will Owens Jones
2002 Allen D. Strunk
2002 Eugene Robb
2002 Charles Moore
2002 Walter Christenson
2001 Jack Thompson
2001 John G. Neihardt
2001 Loral Johnson
2001 Earle “Buddy” Bunker
2000 Jack Pollock
2000 Paul F. Wagner
2000 Charles Summer “Cy” Sherman

1999 Harvey Newbranch
1999 William Mccleery
1999 Fred A. Seaton
1998 Emil W. Reutzel, Jr.
1998 J. Sterling Morton
1997 Barney Oldfield
1997 Willa Cather
1997 William J. Bryan
1995 Don Bryant
1994 Jack Tarr
1994 Tom Allan
1993 Neale Copple
1993 Mentor Brown
1992 Jim Raglin
1992 Henry Mead
1990 Reva Evans
1990 W. F. Cramb

1989 Jack Lowe
1988 Mary Packwood
1988 Gregg McBride
1988 Harold W. Andersen
1987 Lester A. Walker
1987 Joe R. Seacrest
1987 Ruth Best Pagel
1987 Gene Kemper
1987 Tyler Edgecombe
1987 Glenn A. Buck

1975 John Hyde Sweet
1975 Harry D. Strunk
1975 Emerson R. Purcell
1975 Dr. George L. Miller
1975 Walt Mason
1975 Earl M. Marvin
1975 John Alexander MacMurphy
1975 James E. Lawrence
1975 Gene Huse
1975 Edgar Howard
1975 Gilbert M. Hitchcock
1975 Charles H. Gere
1975 Art C. Gardner
1975 Frank 0. Edgecombe
1975 August F. Buechier
1975 Dr. A. L. Bixby
1975 Bess Furman Armstrong