Outstanding Young Journalist Award WInners

The Outstanding Young Nebraska Journalist Award was created and funded by Zean & Marilyn Carney, former publishers of the Wahoo Newspaper, Waverly News, Ashland Gazette, and David City Banner-Press and Past President of the Nebraska Press Association.

This award is awarded to nominees from the weekly category and the daily category. The nominees must be reporters, editors, photographers, graphic designers, production or advertising professionals who have worked for at least one year with a legal Nebraska newspaper.

A select panel of judges appointed by the Executive Director of NPA/NPAS considered among other items, the nominee’s professionalism, creativity, comments or statements on goals, impact of their work on print journalism, the community of journalistic excellence.

The 2018 awards were presented Friday, April 20, during the NPA Annual Convention at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel, Lincoln, NE.

2018 Emily Hemphill, Seward Newspaper Group (First Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2018 Samantha Goff, Grant Tribune-Sentinel (Second Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2018 Spike Jordan, Scottsbluff Star-Herald & Derek Noehren, North Platte Telegram (Tied for First Place – Daily Newspaper)

2017 Ryan Edwards, Kearney Hub (First Place – Daily Newspaper)

2017 Kamie Stephen, North Platte Telegraph (Second Place – Daily Newspaper)

2017 Michael Wunder, Waverly News (First Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2017 Samantha Cleveland, Orchard News (Second Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2016 Kyle Cummings, Alliance Times-Herald (First Place – Daily Newspaper)

2016 Kamie Stephen, North Platte Telegraph (Second Place – Daily Newspaper)

2016 Tessa Burgener, Aurora News-Register (First Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2016 Mark Vrbicky, Pender Times (Second Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2015 Bethany Rachow, Albion News and Petersburg Press (Weekly Newspaper)

2015 Nick Benes, Norfolk Daily News (First Place – Daily Newspaper)

2015 Scott Koperski, Beatrice Daily Sun (Second Place – Daily Newspaper)

2014 Isaiah May, Norfolk Daily News (Daily Newspaper)

2014 Kris Moody, Sutton Clay Co. News (First Place – Weekly Newspaper)

2014 Logan Tuttle, Milford Times & April Refior, Hickman Voice-News (Second Place TIE – Weekly Newspaper)

2013 Chris Dunker, Beatrice Daily Sun (Daily Newspaper)

2013 Erik Dodge, The Waverly News (Weekly Newspaper)

2012 Skylar Osovski, Norfolk Daily News (Daily Newspaper)

2012 Crystal Wells, Wausa Gazette (Weekly Newspaper)

2011 Vince Kuppig, Hastings Tribune (Daily Newspaper)

2011 Gerri Peterson, Mullen Hooker Co. Tribune (Weekly Newspaper)

2011 Chris Rhoades, Enterprise Publishing (Weekly Newspaper)

2010 Betsy Friedrich, Kearney Hub (Daily Newspaper)

2010 Mark Mahoney, Hickman Voice News (Weekly Newspaper)

2009 Tom Behmer, Norfolk Daily News (Daily Newspaper)

2009 Jenn Lampila, Crete News (Weekly Newspaper)

2008 Dane Stickney, Omaha World-Herald (Daily Newspaper)

2008 Charis Ubben, Sutton Clay Co. News (Weekly Newspaper)

2007 Dirk Chatelain, Omaha World-Herald (Daily Newspaper)

2007 Corbey Dorsey, Cozad Tri-City Tribune (Weekly Newspaper)

2006 Brian Christopherson, Lincoln Journal Star (Daily Newspaper)

2006 Kristine Hueftle, Broken Bow Custer County Chief (Weekly Newspaper)

2005 Matthew Hansen, Lincoln Journal Star

2004 Lynn Safranek, Omaha World-Herald

2003 Tony Dreibus, Papillion Times

2002 Kevin Abourezk, Lincoln Journal Star

2001 Anna Henkens, Chadron Record