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Our online newspaper research tool

The objective of the Nebraska Press Advertising Service, and our nationwide network of state newspapers associations, is to make advertising in multiple newspapers easy. With this in mind, we’ve developed an online search tool that gives advertising media professionals access to information on daily and weekly newspapers in Nebraska and nationwide. Searches can be done by ZIP code, city, county, state, or region of the country.

As you might imagine, maintaining this database is a major undertaking. All totaled there are over 8,000 general circulation newspapers in the US, and this does not count all the free distribution, minority newspapers and shopper publications, and this information is changing daily. We do our best to keep this information updated, but we recommend you consider this an initial research tool only.

When you contact NPAS direct for a specific quote, you will receive detailed information on the newspapers included in your request, including newspaper names, publishing days, circulation information, rates, etc. Rates quoted are up to date and guaranteed for 30 days from the date of the quote.

If you decide to utilize our one order, one bill service, we’ll handle all the placement details. The other option is to work with newspapers direct, but this will make your job much more difficult.

To request a newspaper search or a no obligation quote, please contact one of the following NPAS representatives.

Download a sample quote (PDF)
Rob James, Advertising Sales Director

Carolyn Bowman, Advertising Manager