Newspapers are still the best place to educate your customers on a local level. This is why Nebraska Press Association offers OnePress, a creative solution for reaching your audience.

OnePress is a service that makes placing print and digital advertising easy across Nebraska and beyond. Plus, you get a broader reach through our connections in both large and super small markets.

With one contact, you can get your message out to the entire state without having to call individual newspapers. OnePress is one-stop, one bill and a big time saver.

Print Advertising Solutions

Statewide Advertising Networks

Most state newspaper associations also offer what are commonly referred to as statewide advertising networks. With these special package advertising plans, you can run classified ads or small display ads in large groups of newspapers for a minimal investment.

  • Classified Advertising Networks: In Nebraska, you can run a 25-word classified ad in 155 Nebraska newspapers for only $225. Additional words can be purchased for $5 per word. Most states offer a similar classified advertising networks.
  • Statewide and Regional Display Ad Networks: In Nebraska, you can run a 2 column (3.79” wide) by 2” deep ad in 152 Nebraska newspapers for only $975. You have four regions to choose from, and larger ad sizes are available at an additional cost.
  • Online Ad Network: We’ve created a network of Nebraska newspaper websites where your can run in a brand-safe online environment. You are guaranteed 250,000 impressions over 30 days, run of site, on 10+ (and growing) newspaper websites.
  • National Ad Networks: Information on other states’ programs can be found by clicking on these two programs:
    • National 2×2 Ad Rates
    • National Classified Ad Rates 

      The network information provided, including rates and newspaper information, is subject to change. To confirm the information provided is up-to-date as of today, please contact OnePress at 1-800-369-2850.

Customized Placement Service

If you want to advertise in specific newspapers in specific markets, our customized customized placement service is the answer.

To request a no obligation quote, you’ll need to provide OnePress with quote criteria. You can request quotes by city, mile radius of a city, county, region, state, etc. Let us know the newspapers, ad sizes, run dates, etc., and we’ll send you a quote that matches your specifications.

Quotes give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase, such as:

  • Newspaper name
  • Circulation
  • Column inch rate
  • Cost of the ad size requested
  • Total cost of campaign
  • Mechanical specs

If you decide to place your ad, we:

  • Traffic ad materials
  • Send orders to the newspapers
  • Send proof publication in the form of a tear sheet or affidavit
  • Send you an itemized invoice

Regardless of the number of newspapers on the order, you’ll receive just one bill and you’ll cut just one check to OnePress.

About NPA/OnePress

The Nebraska Press Association was founded in 1879. We are the oldest trade association in the state of Nebraska. Our advertising placement service, OnePress (formerly the Nebraska Press Advertising Service), was formed in 1950. This long history is a testimony to the quality service we provide our members and advertising customers. Our fellow state newspaper associations throughout the country share the same rich history of serving newspapers and advertisers.

For more information about our nationwide advertising placement service, please call OnePress at 1-402-476-2851 or 1-800-369-2850. To reach us by e-mail, click on the preferred contact below.

Violet Spader Kirk, Sales & Marketing Manager

Carolyn Bowman, Advertising Manager